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SilverEtch On Art Clay By Larissa Johnson

Art Clay Supplies SilverEtch.

SilverEtch is a sheet of material that allows you to etch a permanent pattern onto Art Clay silver, PMC silver, metal clays, and resin clays. It doesn't use any corrosive or toxic chemicals and is as easy as firing on a transfer.

SilverEtch comes with five sheets of designs and full instructions. You need a kiln.


Silver Etch.

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SilverEtch on Art Clay By Larissa JohnsonSilverEtch On An Art Clay Necklace By Larissa Johnson.

SilverEtch on Polymer Clay By Larissa JohnsonSilverEtch On Polymer Clay Earings By Larissa Johnson.


Silver Etch.

SilverEtch is a pattern on an acrylic sheet. The pattern is made of a special chemical mix that, when fired, etches into the surface of Art Clay silver, PMC silver, metal clays, and resin clays. The finished pieces can be burnished, tumbled, and polished.

SilverEtch comes as a pack of five patterns, although more will be available soon. And you'll be able to have your own patterns made into SilverEtch sheeets.

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