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Accent Gold On A Pendant

Jewellery Material Innovations Accent Gold For Silver.

Accent Gold For Silver is made of fine gold powder and a non-toxic water-based medium. It's usually painted onto pieces of fine silver or pure-silver metal clay. During firing, the medium vaporises, and the gold powder sinters and bonds to the silver.

You can add pure-gold decoration, highlights, and texture, to silver anklets, beads, bracelets, brooches, charms, earrings, keepsakes, necklaces, ornaments, rings, and seasonal decorations.


Gold And Accent Gold.

Gold Nugget

Since its discovery about 6000 years ago, we've used gold to make ceremonial symbols, coins, containers, decorations, jewellery, medals, statues, and trophies. It generally represents prestige, purity, royalty, value, and wealth.

Pure gold is a dense, shiny, soft metal. It has a bright yellow colour and a rich lustre traditionally considered attractive, especially as it doesn't oxidize or corrode in air or water.

It's more ductile and malleable than other metals: one gramme of gold can be beaten into a sheet over a metre square, eventually becoming translucent. It's been estimated that all the gold ever refined would fill a 20 metre cube, but so much more might be lost, buried, entombed, or kept privately.

Accent Gold For Silver is pure 24 carat gold, and has a rich deep colour, whereas Aida Art Clay gold clay paste and Mitsubishi Aura 22 are both 22 carat alloys: 91.7% gold and 8.3% silver.

For most effects, AGS is easier to use, and less wasteful, than gold leaf, especially on contoured surfaces where gold leaf would probably tear. And it's thicker than an electro-plated layer.


Jewellery Material Innovations Accent Gold For Silver.

Accent Gold Product

Accent Gold For Silver comes as two separate parts: a screw-top pot containing one gramme of pure gold powder, and a dropper-bottle of non-toxic water-based medium. The two need to be mixed together to make a creamy paint.

It's usually applied with a fine sable brush, to add decoration, highlights, and texture to fired pieces made from Aida Art Clay or Mitsubishi PMC silver clay.

When it's dry, the finished piece is fired again, and the gold powder sinters and bonds to the silver. After cooling, the gold can be burnished, or given a matte, textured, or lustre finish.

Accent Gold For Silver is made by Jewellery Material Innovations. Comprehensive instructions are included with the product although, as with many materials, make time to experiment rather than accept general recommendations as definitive.

Clays, charcoals, dust masks, electric kilns, hot gloves, magnetic polishers, protective glasses, rotary tumblers, and other tools and materials, are in the on-line shop: use the shop link below the menu bar near the top of the page.


Jewellery Material Innovations Accent Gold For Silver.

All particulates represent a health risk if they're breathed in, so it's very important to wear a HEPA mask when mixing powders, handling charcoals, sanding dried clays, and cleaning out your kilns. Ideally, use protective glasses.

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