Prometheus Kitiki MiniKiln Pro-1.
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Kitiki Prometheus Pro-1 Prg Mini-Kiln For Art Clay Silver Clays, Enamelling, Fusing Glass, And PMC Metal Clays. Kitiki Prometheus Pro-1 Prg Mini-Kiln For Art Clay Metal Clays, Enamelling, Glass Fusing, And PMC Silver Clays. Kitiki Orton-Prometheus AutoFire Xpress Digital Progrmamer.
Kitiki Prometheus Mini-Kiln Pro-1 Prg For Beads, Dichroics, Enamelling, Fusing, And Metal Clays.

The Prometheus PRO-1 PRG For Art Clay, PMC, Jewellery, Annealing Beads, Dichroics, Enamels, Glass Fusing, Moulding, Sagging, And Slumping, Lost-Wax Casting, And Metal Clays.

The Prometheus Pro-1 PRG Mini-Kiln is generally used for Art Clay and PMC metal clays, annealing beads, dichroics, enamels, fusing glass, heat treating, making jewellery, and melting silver, although it has other applications. It's a 1000°C kiln with a digital programmer. Learn all about the Mini-Kiln on this page.

Prices here are transparent: they're for UK-EU voltage, CE marked, CL CSA approved, and TUV tested kilns, and include a pro shelf kit, comprehensive instructions, GB-mainland delivery, UK VAT, and free continuing support from a top-tier international distributor. So you can start work straight away.

For prices, trading terms, and secure on-line shopping, use the shop link below the menu bar near the top-right of any page. The order form is on the shop page, after the price list near the bottom.

Kilns that weigh less than 30kg including the packing only need a regular parcel-service van: delivery is free within the GB-mainland. Kilns that weigh more than 30kg need a tail-lift lorry with a hydraulic pallet trolley. For delivery charges or other locations, check the shop page.

Kitiki Prometheus Mini-Kiln Pro-1 Prg For Enamelling, Fusing, And Metal Clays. Kitiki Prometheus Mini-Kiln Pro-1 Prg For Enamelling, Fusing, And Metal Clays.
Prometheus Pro 1 Programmable Kiln. Prometheus Pro 1 Programmable Kiln.


Kitiki Prometheus Pro-1 Prg Mini-Kiln For Art Clay Silver Clays, Enamelling, Fusing Glass, And PMC Metal Clays. Kitiki Prometheus Pro-1 Prg Mini-Kiln For Art Clay Silver Clays, Enamelling, Fusing Glass, And PMC Metal Clays. Kitiki Orton-Prometheus AutoFire Xpress Digital Progrmamer.

The Prometheus PR1 For Art Clay, PMC, Jewellery, Annealing Beads, Dichroics, Enamels, Glass Fusing, Moulding, Sagging, And Slumping, Lost-Wax Casting, And Metal Clays.

The Prometheus Pro-1 PRG is a 1000°C, rectangular, plug-in, front-opening, table-top, ceramic-fibre kiln, with a ramp-hold Orton AutoFire Xpress 3-key digital programmer.

The UK-EU kiln is rated at 220V-240V 700W, so it can use a regular mains socket. To comply with UK-EU safety regulations, the elements are embedded in rigidised ceramic fibre: an important safety feature. However, never get careless: kilns are very hot and connected to the mains.

The external dimensions are 225mm x 240mm x 295mm high. The case is slotted for air circulation and has an integral stand with four rubber feet. The door opens 90°, and has an adjustable door catch and a vent-hole for processes that release fumes. The vent also serves as a peephole: it's not a glass window. The shipping weight, including the box, is about 6kg.

The firing chamber measures 115mm x 135mm x 70mm high, and heats from the top, both sides, and the bottom with the fast-firing element safely embedded in the fibre. The kiln has a silent long-life solid-state relay and a nickel-chromium K-type thermocouple.


The programmer's electronic display prompts for heating rates, target temperatures, and hold times, making it easy to set up and re-use accurate heating, holding, and cooling sequences.

The accessories for this kiln are in the on-line shop:

List. stacking shelf kit and shelf paper
List. charcoal for the stainless steel box used for firing some metal clays
List. ceramic fibre cloth
List. ceramic block
List. HEPA dust mask
List. glare-resistant glasses
List. heat-resistant gloves

And finally, my opinion:

Fifteen years ago, Prometheus kilns were almost unknown in the UK. To create a market, we sold our own version of the Pro 1, renamed the Kitiki MiniKiln as part of our jewellery brand name Kitiki. Having created a UK market, the name Mini-Kiln was soon adopted, along with the text I wrote. You might have seen photos of it: black with a grey and peach-coloured fascia.

At the time, the programmer was a single-sequence controller: its one simple ramp-hold programme had to be set manually. However, every other kiln manufacture was starting to use built-in comprehensive programmers so, eventually, Prometheus released a programmable kiln. It's very important to understand that the current Mini-Kiln has a comprehensive digital programmer, not just a basic controller.

The digital programmer, an Orton AutoFire, allows you to set up, and re-use, fifteen accurate drying, heating, holding, and cooling sequences: and do something else whilst the sequence is running. A sequence can consist of up to five segments.
A segment is one step in a sequence: often the time it takes to reach a target temperature. For example: a segment could take 50 minutes to reach 650°C, could hold at 850°C for 12 minutes, or could cool down over two hours.

There is a version with pre-set programmes but I wouldn't pay extra for them because it's so simple to programme your own, and edit and save them: it's how you learn. And metal clays usually come with recommended firing programmes so use those at the beginning.

If you've read elsewhere that 1000°C will fire ceramics, that's not correct. You can work with some low-fire ceramics but for normal ceramics and porcelain you'd need a 1290°C kiln. Also, it does not have four elements: just one wrap-around element that heats the top, both sides, and the bottom.

The kiln is fired in the factory to harden the ceramic, so it may not look bright white. It's also important to understand that all ceramics discolour, might develop hairline cracks, or tiny bits may flake off: this does not affect its safety or use.

Some bronze and copper clays can be fired in activated charcoal granules in a stainless-steel container. The MiniKiln will hold a small container but most that I've seen are the wrong size or badly made. Any local engineering company will make a small stainless-steel box, with a lid.

Particulates represent a health risk if they're breathed in, so wear a HEPA mask when cleaning out your kiln, mixing kiln wash, and working with charcoals, ceramic-fibre blocks, cloths, and papers. And, ideally, use protective glasses.

If you want to touch anything hot or move your kiln before it's cooled off, it's important to wear heat-resistant gloves. And, if you want to look into a red-hot kiln, wear glare-resistant glasses which protect your eyes from IR and UV.

Compared to the Paragon SC2, the MiniKiln has a much smaller firing chamber, and it heats to 1000°C, not 1095°C. If this is not what you want, look at the SC2, Xpress Q11, and Xpress E12 in particular.


Slumped Bowl. Glass Art. Dichroic Earrings. Glass Beads.

Use it for making jewellery, annealing beads and glass, painting china, applying decals, dental work, fusing dichroic glasses, enamelling, fire polishing, glass art, glass casting, fusing, sagging, and slumping, glass clays, heat treating, laboratory testing, lampwork, lost-wax casting, some low-fire ceramics, melting gold and silver, firing bronze and copper metal clays, moulding gun and model parts, pâte de verre, sintering gold and silver clays, staining glass, hardening and tempering blades, cutters, dies, and tools, wax burn out, and many other materials and processes.

Small kilns are perfect for jewellery-making, so you can use most popular small-scale materials such as Accent Gold, Art Clay metal clays, BullsEye glasses, dichroic glasses, enamels, GlasClay, Image Transfer Solution, Metal Clay Veneer, PMC silver clay, Prometheus bronze clay, ProCopper clay, and SilverEtch.
And there's an increasingly diverse range of other metal clays, such as Cinter, Clay Mania, Creative, Goldie, Hadar Jacobson, Metal Adventures, Meteor, Noble, and PMC Sterling.

You can make beads, bracelets, brooches, candle holders, chandelier components, decorations, earrings, figurines, fingerprint keepsakes, glass-art, jewellery, miniatures, gun and model parts, necklaces, ornaments, pendants, pet-id tags, rings, souvenirs, stained-glass designs, tableware, thimbles, tiles, tools, and trinkets, as unique hand-crafted pieces or repeatable stock for sale.

It's ideal for your arts centre, college, course venue, craft classes, dental or medical laboratory, engineering workshop, home business, jewellery studio, school, or technical facility. Especially as it has a two-year warranty.

It heats up quickly, so it's just right for a classroom, and it's small enough to pack away if you want an occasional hobby kiln. As it only weighs about 6kg, it's easy to take to craft fairs, demonstrations, and exhibitions. It's probably the most popular minikiln in the UK.

For help, or in the unlikely event of a fault, you can mail or call an engineer in the UK. However, checks, adjustments, and repairs are simple, needing little more than a PosiDriv screwdriver. Alternatively, we can service the kiln in our workshop at Cherry Heaven.


The Kitiki MiniKiln Kiln Furniture.

The international Pro 1 kilns don't come with a shelf. However, so you can start work straight away, a shelf is included in the price: one durable 150mm x 150mm x 6mm ceramic fibre shelf and four posts. You can easily cut it to the most useful size.

A shelf provides a smooth stable work surface, protects the floor of the kiln's interior from glass accidents, and helps to even out any small temperature deviations during annealing, enamelling, firing, and fusing as the elements turn on and off. And, as it's included in the price, it isn't an £25 extra.

There's an extra recommended kit, not included in the price: one ceramic-fibre shelf 150mm x 150mm x 6mm and four 12mm shelf posts. You can buy extra shelf kits in the on-line shop.

Depending on the material or process, and the sizes of your pieces, stacked shelves will hold more work, free up your time, and reduce the unit firing cost: so you might want another kit. This kiln has room for two.


Paragon Kiln Shelf Kits. Art Clay Slver Clay. Kitiki Pliers, Snips, And Flush Cutters. Beach Lapidary ST7 Industrial Tumbler.

Kiln Shelf Kits, Kiln Accessories, Kiln Parts, Materials, Jewellery-Making Tools, And Tumblers.

There's a wide range of kilns, kiln options, kiln furniture, parts, accessories, materials, precision tools, safety equipment, polishers, and tumblers. To learn more, use the paragon kilns link above the menu bar near the top of the page then choose the accessories link or any other blue link.


Paragon KM9 XL D Double Pro Kiln With A Sentinel Programmer For Knife-Making And Heat Treating.

Paragon Kilns, Furnaces, and Ovens For Annealing, Beads, Ceramics, Enamels, Glass, Jewellery, Knife Making, Lost Wax, Silver Clays, Heat Treating, Lampwork, Porcelain, And Vitrigraph.

is a Cherry Heaven internet resource. Cherry Heaven is also a top-tier international distributor for Texas-made Paragon kilns, furnaces, ovens, and accessories, and has been one of their top-selling partners from 2006 to : a pleasing outcome since the UK is only one third the area of Texas and one fortieth the area of the US.

As this is an on-line resource, there isn't a paper catalogue or a price list. However, you can mail or call a technician about kilns, power supplies, public area safety, a special project, business ideas, diagnostics, repairs, or reselling opportunities.


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UK To EU Plug Adapter.
Ceramic Block.
Ceramic Cloth.
EU Plug.
UK-EU Adapter.
Dry Powder Extinguisher.
Glare Resistant Glasses.
HEPA Mask.
heat-resistant Gloves.
Kitiki Cutters.
Kitiki Flush Cutters.
Kitiki Flat-Nose Pliers.
Kitiki Pointed-Nose Pliers.
Kitiki Bent-Nose Pliers.
Kitiki Round-Nose Pliers.
Protective Glasses.
Potter & Brumfield Relay.
Dorset, SW England.
UK 13A Plug.
Large Rubber Drum 950gm Open
The AX-4 Digital Controller.
MiniKiln Closed.
Bartlett-Paragon Touch Screen Digital Controller.
Paragon BlueBird Bead Annealing Kiln.
Lauscha by Carrie Fertig.
Activated Charcoal Granules.
Paragon Caldera Ceramics And Glass Kiln.
Paragon Caldera Bead, Enamels, And Glass Kiln.
Paragon Crucible.
Paragon Fusion CS14D Glass Kiln.
Paragon Fusion CS14SB Glass And Bead Kiln.
Paragon Caldera XL Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon F500 Lampwork Kiln.
Paragon FireFly Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon Fusion 7 Glass Kiln.
Paragon Fusion 8 Glass Kiln.
Paragon GL18ADTSD Glass Kiln.
Paragon HT-14D Heat Treating Furnace.
Paragon Janus 1613 Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon KM18D Knife-Making Oven.
Paragon KM36 XL PRP Knife-Making Furnace.
Paragon-Orton Vent Master: Unassembled.
Paragon-Orton Vent Master: Suction Cup.
Paragon Pearl 22 Glass Kiln.
Paragon PMT21 Heat Treating Kiln.
Paragon Door Peephole And Vent.
Stainless Steel Pans.
Paragon SC-2 Black Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC2 Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC2B Bead-Door Kiln.
Paragon SC2W Enamelling Kiln.
Paragon SC4 Glass Kiln.
Paragon SC2BW Jewellery And Bead Kiln.
Paragon SC2D Pro-3 Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC2 Shelf Kit.
Paragon SC-2 Jade Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Black Jewellery Kiln.
Orton-Paragon Sentry Xpress Programmer.
Orton-Paragon Sentry Programmer.
Bartlett-Paragon Sentinel Touch-Screen Controller.
Paragon SC-2 Pink Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Pro Black Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Turqoise Jewellery Kiln.
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Paragon ST-8 Kiln Table.
Paragon Kiln Table With Casters.
Paragon TNF 1613 Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon GL24 Kiln Table.
Paragon Xpress 1613 Top Row Of Bricks.
Paragon W Lost-Wax Casting Kiln.
Paragon Lost-Wax Burnout Tray With Grille.
Paragon Lost-Wax Burnout Tray With Grid.
USB Plug.
Paragon Xpress E-12 Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon Xpress E-12B Bead Kiln.
Paragon Xpress E-14 Glass Kiln.
Paragon Xpress Q-11 Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon Vitrigraph Kiln.
Prometheus Pro-7.